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Swimspa-8158 deepest acrylic swim spa is characterized by two zones with 9 meters long, 2.2 meters wide and 1.48 meters deep. The swimming pool zone is installed with professional swim jets and each jet is powered by corresponding pump. The jet can adjust the strength of water and direction of water flow, offering an endless swimming exercise. With 58.3 inches depth, it is the deepest portable swim spa in the world, which is formed with Aristech acryl.

With 3 side-by-side seats, the hot tub zone can seat 12 people. Water in hot tub is separated from that of the swimming pool. Besides, a single heating system and ultimate water management system are installed to keep water of dual zones in different temperature and to reduce the maintenance cost. Swimspa-8158 swim spa is popular in big hotels, resorts, real estate, and villa projects.

General Information
Size 9000×2220×1480/1580mm
Color White or multicolor_17colors available
Seating Capacity 8~12 People
Power Supply 220-240V/50HZ or 380V/50HZ
Shell Aristech acrylic
Standard Features and Configurations
1 Temperature 15 ℃ ~ 42 ℃
2 Steel frame 1PC
3 Head rest 8PCS
4 Air jets 12PCS
5 Water jets Total jets 117 PCS
(hydrotherapy jets 20PCS/
water jet 97PCS)
6 LED light 2PCS (seven kinds of color)
7 Drainage 1PC
8 Suction 4PCS
9 Hydro massage pump 3HP 1PC
10 Hydro therapy pump 2HP 2PCS
11 Circulation pump 1HP 1PC
12 Heater 3KW 1PC
13 View pump 1HP 1PC
14 Ozonator 1PC
15 Cartridge filter 2PCS
16 Air blower 0.7KW 1PC
17 Control (including FM radio/ preset heater,
and display and operation of water temperature/
circulation cleaning/ frozen preventing control/
circumscribe the device of CD)
18 Circumscribe the device of CD 1PC
19 Diverter valves 2×2" comfort diverter valves
20 Air Control Valves 5×Easy-Flo Air Venturi
Swimming pool
1 Temperature 15 - 25 °C
2 Steel frame 1 PC
3 Swim jets 9.5" 3PCS (one pump one jet)
4 LED light 1PC (seven kinds of color)
5 Fiber optic light 185PCS (seven kinds of color)
6 Drainage 1PC
7 Roman fountain jets 10PCS (seven kinds of color)
8 Roman fountain valve 10PCS
9 Intake valve 4PCS
10 Swim pump 3HP 3PCS
11 Circulation pump 1HP 1PC
12 Heater 3KW 2PCS
13 Ozonator 1PC
14 Cartridge filter 2PCS
15 Control (preset heater, and display and operation
of water temperature/circulation cleaning/
frozen preventing control/circumscribe the device of CD)
16 Air control valves 3×Easy-Flo Air Venturi
17 Wooden cabinet 1PC
18 Insulation 1PC
19 Heavy duty spa cover 1 PC
20 Wooden step 1PC
1 PVC cabinet 1PC
2 Bar+stool package 1PC
3 TV 15" 1PC
5 Tub tray 1PC
6 Full insulation with Styrofoam 1PC
7 Topside Music 1PC
Packing Information
Type Swimspa
Specification(mm) 9000×2320×1650
Volume(m3) 34.45
G.K. (KGS) 1900
40ft HQ Container can be loaded 1 set

JNJ SPAS is a China-based 8-12 people deepest acrylic swim spa manufacturer and supplier. We also provide 7-12 people endless swimming pool, 1 person indoor rectangle massage bathtub, 3 person lotus shape hot tub, and more.

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