Spa-050 1 Person Indoor Rectangle Massage Bathtub

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General Information
Size 1740x900x680mm
Color White
Seating Capacity 1 Person
Power Supply 220~240V/50~60HZ/3.3KW
Shell Aristech acrylic
Standard Features and Configurations
1 Bathtub 1PC
2 Pillow 1PC
3 Stainless steel shelf 1PC
4 Air jet 12PCS
5 Water jet 19 PCS (Big 7 PCS/Small 12 PCS)
6 Fiber light 35PCS (Seven kinds of color)
7 Spa light 1PC (Seven kinds of color)
8 Water pipe 1PC
9 Drainage 1PC
10 Suction 1PC
11 Whirlpool pump 1.5HP 1PC
12 Air pump 0.7KW 1PC
13 Ozonator 1PC
14 Heater 1.5KW 1PC
15 Control panel (including FM radio) 1PC
16 Air adjustment 1PC
17 Transfer switch 1PC
18 Cool/hot adjustment 1PC
19 Water enter faucet 1PC
20 Shower 1PC
21 Speaker 1PC
22 Railing 1PC
Packing Information
Type Bathtub
Specification(mm) 1850×1020×800
Volume(m3) 1.5
G.W. (kg) 123
20" Container can be loaded 18 PCS
40"HQ Container can be loaded 36 PCS

As a specialized 1 person indoor rectangle massage bathtub manufacturer and supplier in China, JNJ SPAS provides a vast array of products, including single person mini home spa, 3-4 person hydrotherapy home swim spa, 3 person safety two-door massage jacuzzi, and more.

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